About Us

Dave Moseley


A photographer from Verwood, England, Dave is best known for playing the role of Jack Bauer’s sidekick in several embarrassing fantasies.  He now resides in Orlando, FL where his wife does not approve of how close he has grown to Carl.  His favorite writers/directors are Joss Whedon, Trey Parker and Kevin Smith.

Carl Skenes


A circus clown from the progressive state of South Carolina, Carl is a vocal proponent of full frontal male nudity.  When he’s not travelling, he lives in Orlando with three cats, a dog, and a senile magician’s rabbit (the rabbit is senile, not the magician).  He’d gladly take a cock in the mouth from Wes Anderson and Luc Besson, maybe at the same time.

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Or don’t – this isn’t a hard sell.  But as the cost of recording equipment, movie rentals, beer and liquor, and mornings off work to recover from said beer and liquor continues to climb, we are sincerely grateful for any and all contributions you can make.

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